The African transportation landscape is an ever-evolving industry. Smart Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing the game and Africa, being an ever-evolving global economy must be a part of it. Seeing also as the continent stands at a critical juncture in its development trajectory, with rapid urbanization, population growth, and an increasing demand for energy, electric mobility presents a viable transition option to cut down emissions in the transport sectors as well as boost Africa’s economy if utilized appropriately. Recognising the challenges and opportunities that lie in the transport industry the Smart Electric Mobility project has been established.

The Smart Electric Mobility Project aims to spearhead the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) across Africa. With a focus on advocating for the widespread adoption of EVs, this project recognizes the urgent need to mitigate the detrimental environmental impacts of fossil fuel usage while harnessing the numerous benefits of electric transportation.

The Smart Electric Mobility project envisions a transformative shift towards sustainable transportation solutions that not only address the environmental challenges but also contribute to well overdue economic development, energy security, and an overall improved quality of life.