Africa contributes the least to greenhouse gas emissions but faces some of the worst impacts. Despite this inequity, developed countries do not take into full consideration the uniqueness of Africa’s circumstances in the energy transition.

The energy transition is indeed a mammoth task for Africa, which she can only overcome at her own pace and in her own way.

This gives rise to the need for advocacy for a just energy transition. Africa must speak up in the international community to ensure that the transition to a net-zero economy is equitable and just for all relevant stakeholders.

Also, many Africans do not understand the need or urgency of climate change and energy transition. Proper motivation, education, and empowerment are needed for Africans to champion the fight for a just and equitable transition.


JET Africa recognizes the need for Africa to be sufficiently represented and protected in the quest for a just and equitable energy transition. ICE-JET is set to educate and empower both governments and citizenry through:

  1. Advocacy, Training and Empowerment (A.T.E).
  2. Energy Transition Summit.