We engage, investigate, analyze and offer solutions that enable public and private energy institutions to strategically improve their performance and positioning in today’s challenging energy environment. We specifically provide critical support in developing bespoke solutions to address and overcome industry challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team of accomplished energy experts bring years of practical experience from energy sectors across the globe and Africa. With proven skills in several disciplines including; energy economics, finance, taxation, legislative development, legal services, construction, procurement, environment, capacity development, local content and education among others, ICE is positioned at the forefront of innovative advancements in the industry. We provide quick and effective customized solutions critical to the development of advanced infrastructures, institutional capacity building and the effective deployment of human capital.

Some of our deliverables:

  • Developing viable energy economics and financial analysis
  • Opportunity Identification and Feasibility Studies
  • Community equity development programs
  • Legislative development; deregulation implementation and legislation, industry policy development, institutional reorientation, local content development and assessment
  • Local content fiscal management
  • Development of post graduate energy programs

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