The International Center for Energy (ICE) is a research, advocacy, training and consulting institute primarily focused on assisting the emerging economies of the Sub-Sahara in the development of effective energy infrastructure which culminates in sustainable economic development, regional economic integration, social equity and environmental stewardship.

We are pioneering a new and practical approach to energy infrastructure while promoting the transition to clean energy. The emerging markets of Sub-Sahara Africa need change agents and transformational leaders to guide their energy sectors, inspire governments and mobilize communities into sustainable, coherent and viable energy ecosystems. We disseminate information, develop skills set and best practices to achieve safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible energy infrastructure.

We work with progressive international research centers, government agencies, practitioners, organizations and entrepreneurs. We build multi-stakeholder platforms to respond to industry changes, emerging best practices and challenges that affect all strata of society. We are a mediator between fresh innovative ideas and real things that touch people’s lives.

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